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News Oct 12, 2018 Samsung Catalyst Fund Team

At the #SamsungCEOSummit in San Francisco, guests enjoyed thought-provoking technology demos from some of Samsung’s portfolio companies as well as researchers from academia. The demos helped bring to life the theme of this year’s CEO Summit: how AI is helping shape our future.

AImotive, one of the largest independent teams in the world working toward fully self-driving car technology, demonstrated its AI simulation technology, part of its industry-leading development pipeline. AImotive’s technology focuses on enhancing safety by improving corner and edge cases for autonomous driving, and it can be customized for each automobile manufacturer.

More about the company:

The CEO: László Kishonti, AImotive’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is a serial entrepreneur. AImotive evolved from his first venture, Kishonti Ltd., which quickly became a leading high-performance graphics and computing solutions company. The firm then turned its focus to automotive as artificial intelligence and autonomous driving started to gain global momentum. László has an education in Economics and Finance.

Who they are: AImotive is one of the largest independent teams in the world working towards fully self-driving car technology. Their unique toolset is engineered to answer all the challenges of autonomous mobility, powered by advanced artificial intelligence, simulation technology, and supporting hardware architectures. This complex approach to self-driving car technology allows their team to develop systems quickly in the safest possible way.

What they do: AImotive engineers cutting-edge software and hardware for scalable autonomous mobility. Their unique technologies come together in their industry-leading development pipeline, accelerating the deployment of autonomous technology. Their goal is to offer a safe and accessible autonomous experience anywhere. Their self-driving cars are already on highways in the US and Hungary, with Asian and urban testing to commence in Q4 2018.

Founded in: 2015

Partnered with Samsung Catalyst Fund in: 2016


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